2021 workshops


June 30 - July 10. Jacksonville, Oregon. $1400

Earthen construction at its best: cob, adobe, earthen plasters and floors, earthen ovens, earthbag foundations, light straw clay, design, appropriate technology. 

VersaTerra PLUS:

May 17 - June 18th. Near Reno Nevada. $2500

Same as above, but with lots more time to practice skills, experiment and getting more of a "start to finish" experience.

VersaTerra Primer

May 15th and May 22nd. Jacksonville, Oregon. $85

Come get muddy for this one-day experience. We'll demonstrate all the Versaterra techniques and give you a chance to try them as well. Includes Pizza Party and music in the evening.

Watch the documentary of our 2015 project at Jhamtse Gatsal Children's community.

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This is what people had to say about our workshops:

-Conrad, Kyle and Sarah were all so great at not just explaining what to do and how to do it, but why we were doing it in each particular process. Their patience and willingness to explain further when needed was without end!

-My expectations were met and exceeded! I feel empowered and supported in my dream of building and living in an earthen home.

-Loved the food! I always had plenty of healthy and tasty choices and found it easy to maintain my energy and strength.


-The instruction was geared to the right level and never felt patronizing or swooshed too far over my head. Wonderful humor and camaraderie. I loved the community that formed because of the structure provided and the willingness of the participants to engage.


-I always had my questions answered and always felt supported and/or redirected as needed without ever feeling someone was hovering over me.. There was freedom to practice and even make some mistakes to learn from.


… I am sincerely and very gratefully surprised by the high amount of confidence I have in myself as a builder after these 10 days of learning, playing, sweating, laughing, singing and integrating.

-I loved how there was a mix of classroom demonstrations and practical applications for experiential learning. I loved that there was a breadth of information from foundation to roof. I feel confident that I can take this knowledge and build a simple home. I loved the emphasis on community and connectivity to nature. I feel my heart and mind have happily integrated for a better future for myself.

- I enjoyed playing in the mud and feeling like a little kid again. I especially loved being able to connect with others and reconnect with myself through learning about the many variations of cobbing materials, and the rhythm and flow of teamwork.


Daniel (Texas) Complete Cob/NB:

Literally every meal was 10/10. I didn’t miss meat at all these 10 days and I always had so much to eat!

-Well crafted and well scheduled. The information was addressed in a thoughtful and simple manner during the practice. The breaks were excellent to recharge physically and mentally. Excellent workshop!


-I had a negative expectation which was “I know they are going to teach me how to build a house, but I won’t be doing that because I am only interested in an oven. The other stuff is for experienced people.” Now I think I can build a cob house that goes with an earthen oven!

House Alive! International 

We have built and taught in India, Italy, Mexico, the Pine Ridge reservation, Spain and Kenya. Earthen construction is, outside of the big cities, still the most viable way to house the world with dignity. Send us an email and let us know how we can help, wherever you are in the world!